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Andrew Mishchenko CEO Ginkgo Ukraine
Andrew Mishchenko
CEO Ginkgo Ukraine
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Andrew Mishchenko CEO Ginkgo Ukraine
Andrew Mishchenko
CEO Ginkgo Ukraine
Andrew Mishchenko linkedin

Having 7 years of experience in backend development I have decided to share my knowledge in order to provide an ability for other businesses to become more efficient. With that in my soul, I have started to build a strong team here in Ukraine.

Now, we are still young but with a big heart software development team, determined to make your business run easier by automating processes, connecting not connectable backend systems, gathering data, building amazing dedicated teams. Our mission is to help your business to grow and to become a soul partner for life. We can make the processes in your business faster and more cost-effective, convert routine manual jobs to digital advanced automated workers, and grow your business efficiency.


Backend Development

Using modern technologies (Python, Javascript), methodologies and our huge experience we create best solutions for our clients. If you have an idea and can describe it - we are here to help! Just let us know.

Robotic Processes Automation

We build all types of complexity business automations. It simplifies repetitive workflows, boring manual jobs, increases your business performance. For instance: performing login, downloading files, filling out forms, adding products to cart, orders placement, tracking.

Data collection

We collect (scraping, crawling) any type of data across the Internet. It will help you to always run your business with the fresh, cleaned and reliable data. An ETL process helps to work with the prepared data.


Backend connectors between not connectable systems, for instance: Amazon MWS, Walmart, Shopify, Lightspeed, and other E-commerce platforms.


They trust us

Namogoo maximizes the potential of each online journey for every eCommerce brand, by truly experiencing everything from their customers' eyes. Namogoo’s Customer Hijacking Prevention identifies and blocks unauthorized ad injections from diverting online shoppers to competitors. Namogoo’s Intent-Based Promotions predicts and individualizes the minimum promotion for each visit — synchronizing customer intent with company business goals.

We build, monitor, and enhance digital workers that automate complex repetitive workflows, so your human workforce can focus on value-added activities.

Without a doubt the most talented developers I ever met. Not only they were extremely professional, they are reliable and easy to work with. I can’t recommend them highly enough and looking forward to be working with them again in the future.
Ginkgo Ukraine contributes here. GeekHub is a project that enables talented young people to gain free practical knowledge and skills in software development and IT in general. The Geekhub team is a group of IT professionals who prepare students for successful careers in the industry. All members of the GeekHub team work in leading software companies, gaining new knowledge and skills every day.
New Normal is a software service agency based in Seattle and Cherkasy, Ukraine. Company expertise spans through web sites and custom applications, mobile apps for major platforms. New Normal mission is to serve the business with world-class custom software

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